2019 - Numerology Predictions

Date of birth, like if a person born on any date from 1st to 31st of any month becomes Birth number.

2019 will be 2+0+1+9 = 12 and 1+2 = 3 so 2019 is a Number 3 year.

Number 3, which is governed by planet Jupiter. This is a number of wealth, prosperity, knowledge, education, humanity, optimism, generosity, joy, comfort, happiness and spiritual energies. Number 3 also signifies sincere efforts, hard work, honesty to make life better and comfortable for family. Number 3 persons are good leaders, spiritual gurus, motivational gurus or speakers, administrative managers, teachers, lawyers, justice, diplomats, philosophers, bankers and financers.

Number 1

If you are born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month you are governed by number 1.

2019 is going to bring good opportunities and favors. You will receive help from influential people, will meet authoritative and government officers. This year you will feel healthier mentally and physically and will move on the path of progress. It is a good year for reading, writing, appearing in competitions, starting a new financial venture and buying electronics. This year is the time to make plans and to avoid being indecisive. You need to let go of the events which has happened in the past. Avoid being impulsive and act positively on your plan.

You will move gradually but will reach to the goal. From January to March pay attention on your health. From April to June it is a favorable time to get good opportunity in career. Be aware of your environment to grab the right opportunity at right time. October, November and December, seniors will not be in favoring mood so always be well prepared with your work. There will be difference of views between partners, need to increase patience. Breathing issues and blood pressure can bother you.

Number 2

If you are born on 2, 11,20 and 29 date of any month, your birth number will be 2.

Your imaginative, reflective, intuitive and psychic energy will increase in year 2019.You need to avoid things doing in hurry and practice meditation to overcome restlessness. Your personal magnetism will increase and situation will make you more practical. This year you will get benefit from real estate too.

January and February are the months when you will face issues, this is the period when avoid taking risk of any change. Postpone starting of any new thing in this period. This year your success and happiness depend to a great extent upon how much tact, diplomacy and cooperation you used in dealing with others. During the early part of the year there will be tendency for agreements or associations to break up. It is a year to make friends and to get in committed relationship.

In career you need to pay more efforts to get success. From January to March Seniors will not be favorable and colleagues will not fulfill their commitment you need to patiently pass this year. Avoid disclosing your plans before letting them accomplished you need to increase compassion, tolerance and understanding. This year you are prone to digestion related issues and heart ailment. Avoid being too sentimental, 2019 is a favorable year for relationship, marital happiness will increase and unmarried will get find their soul -mate.

Number 3

If you are born on 3, 12, 21 and 30th date of any month, your birth number will be 3. 2019 is a time for self improvement and to advance along the lines of the talents. It offers personal expression with the help of friends and loved ones and encourages the pursuit of personal interest, ideas expressed in words. Travel, active social life and entertainment will keep you busy. This is your optimistic and cheerful year and you can gain better results through being joyful and happy. You will become creative on the mental plane and will use knowledge and facts in a creative manner and colors them with imagination and vision. You will desire for admiration and have the ability to inspire others and increase faith in them. You will do better in life if you follow your desire to do things on a larger scale and do not try to hold yourself down to a limited scope of activity.

January to March is not a good period, it is the time to do your routine work and wait for a good time. In this period avoid gossiping and arguments. April to October is a favorable period to get new opportunities and if you want to get job in abroad it is also possible. This is also favorable time to be in relationship. Auspicious ceremony can be performed in this period.

Number 4

If you are born on 4, 13, 22 and 31st date of any month, your birth number will be 4.

2019 is year to accept challenges and by working hard need to solve all the issues. Be aware of the office environment, there will be illusions and colleagues will try to become more friendly but you need to discriminate between friend and foe. It is not a year to do complete faith on anyone. Increase your skills to get appreciation and promotion. From 14th January to 15th March it is a favorable period when your efforts will give you success. April, August, October and November are the months when seniors will not support you and at the same time there will be family pressure. Your personal life will overlap on professional life.

Interest in scriptures, science, mathematics and medicine will increase. Your thoughts will flash like lightning. You will answer to questions in a speed of light. This year you will be enthusiastically involved in matters of public welfare. You will volunteer to help those who are suffering. Be careful in relationship, there will be misunderstandings and from July to November there are chances of getting separation. You are sensitive towards emotional and mental ailments.

Number 5

If you are born on 5, 14, and 23rd date of any month, your birth number will be 5.

2019 will be an eventful year for you. New opportunities, freedom from routine and unexpected gains will rise. You need to be alert to see what is going on at workplace and with an open mind you will be able to renew all affairs clearing for more professional advancement. You may feel restless and impatient when things move slowly.

Be aware of your speech, in seminars people may not like your outspoken behavior and it can create some dispute. January and February are the months when family issues, relationship will give mental stress. It is also the period when legal issues can bother. March is a favorable month for foreign visit and increasing relationship with abroad. For students it is a good month to get success in competition or admission in desired college. May to August is a favorable month for looking for new opportunities in career. In this period you can get new job or promotion. In the month of September and October, enemies will be in strength and your energies will be low. Be careful do not get entangled or increase Enemies by your speech November and December are neutral months.

Number 6

If you are born on 6, 15, and 24th date of any month, your birth number will be 6.

In 2019 you will have a desire to get settled professionally and personally to this is a year for gaining wealth and relationship. This is a year to harmonize and increase love, money, health and friendship. You will get opportunity to do many things for personal growth and advancement for your own inner satisfaction. You will make new friends or old relationship can revive.

It is a favorable year for travelling, parties and entertainment. Be careful about your finances. This year finance will increase but still you will not be able to do savings. You will do expenses on education, travel and medicine. This year you will purchase luxury vehicle. Let go of things or people no longer part of your future. You are getting ready to leave much of the year's responsibility behind you.

March according to your numbers bring deep conclusions and decisions. June is a good month for vacations, July is again a month for work and you will take practical decisions. You need to handle family matters lovingly in the month of September. October to December are the months you need to be aware of your responsibilities and grab the opportunity for fulfillment of desires.

Number 7

If you are born on 7, 16 and 25th date of any month, your birth number will be 7.

In 2019 you would like to stay in solitude away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is a mental house cleaning year and you should set your mental and spiritual house in order. You will try to specialize your knowledge and talents. During the year you will have many interesting and unusual experiences through being left alone. Conditions over which you seem to have no control are laying a foundation for inner strength and power which will make big changes in your life.

From January to March churning of thoughts will make you go through deep thoughts and on core of subjects. You want to know yourself, it is a month when you will complete responsibilities but at the back of mind you would like to find answers. April to July are the months when you will be in a dilemma about your own thoughts and situations. I am right or wrong, you will need guidance and will able to meet the right person too. It is a period when physically you will be working as a machine and mentally staying in some other world.

August to December are the good months when you will get satisfied from your answers. It is also a favorable time when you will get good opportunities in career.

Number 8

If you are born on 8, 17, and 26th date of any month, your birth number will be 8.

2019 will give you good opportunity for improvement in position, designation and finances. this year you will feel ambition steering and deep desire for better financial conditions so it is necessary to be very professional, efficient and practical all through the year. You need to avoid lethargy and work with fighting spirit. Need to work hard on plans and strategically move forward. This is a good year for buying or selling properties, doing investment in machines or long term funds. You need to put more efforts in relationship otherwise misunderstanding can create separation. Influence of third person or money can break partnership.

january to April are favorable months for residence change and joining new job. It is also good time for getting immigration. In July, you need to give more time to profession and this will bring imbalance which can cause pain in lower legs. August to October are good months for career. You will be able to start new venture, can get promotion or good project. You must face the facts of what you are doing all year quietly and determinedly. Try to elevate and improve your position in December.

Number 9

If you are born on 9, 16, and 27th date of any month, your birth number will be 9.

2019 will give you opportunity to realize a completion and also the fulfillment of some of your dreams. Be tolerant, compassionate and forgiving for then you will find this one of the most wonderful years of life. A reward of love, sympathy, understanding and fulfillment of your plans can bring financial success as well as loving appreciation. This year you will close the old cycle of experience and lead to a new beginning. You will open the way to new opportunities and new interest in life. During the year you must be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable in your life to make way for the real and worthwhile.

From January to March your work will increase, your passion and positive energies will fulfill your dreams. June and July are the months you need to keep patience, avoid arguments and do not start new things. From August things will become better but do not over work it can give you small ailments fever, skin disease, bile's and wounds. October to December you can experience failures in love affair, restlessness, conspiracies and increase in enmity. Keep your mind open to broader interest and larger activities which can be born now even though not carried out fully until the new cycle opens with next year.

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