UpmaShrivastava is fondly called Ma Upma by her clients spread across the world. Upma believes in giving astrological and vastu remedies for life problems. She has been practicing astrology and vastu for the last 12 years and has helped thousands of persons achieve their dreams and overcome their life problems. Unlike many astrologers who believe that whatever is destined cannot be changed, Ma Upma believes that an astrologer’s job is incomplete if she just predicts what is to happen without suggesting means to accelerate the fulfillment of client’s desires or prevent an untoward happening.

She has been conferred with the prestigious “ JyotishShastracharya and Jyotish Rishi ” for excellence in Astrology, and VaastuRatna.

As a spiritually gifted soul, she is a natural mystic. Her deep knowledge of Astrology is complemented by her expertise in Vaastu, as well as Numerology and enhanced by her para-psychic abilities gained through her Reiki Meditations.

As an astrologer with a modern outlook, Upma is known to explain astrology in simplified terms to enable a layperson understand these sciences in a pure rational, logical and scientific manner.

She has been blessed by the divine to be able to interpret the future accurately and precisely. There have been a number of times when she has been able to predict with utmost accuracy just by analyzing the time at which the client has approached her. She goes to the depths of her remarkable astrological skills to understand the individual, their dreams, desires, shortcomings and potential.

You can also heal your problems under her expert guidance and remedies.

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