Remedies - Cancer Ascendant

Astrovedic remedies for Health

Wear Coral in ring finger in gold.

Distribute pencils to students.

Offer bajra to birds.

Astrovedic remedies for Education

Sit facing East direction.

Keep Shri Yantra image on study table.

Drink water kept in silver glass.

Astrovedic remedies for Business

Use dark red (maroon) shade in furniture.

Play soft music or keep water fountain in North direction.

Do plantation at educational institute or temple.

Astrovedic remedies for Job

Wear Coral ring in gold in ring finger.

Daily meditate on OM at eye brow chakra for 5 minutes.

Avoid lethargy and check attitude.

Astrovedic remedies for Marriage

Offer food to handicap person.

Avoid wearing black and grey shades.

Use lavender fragrance in room.

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