Remedies - Capricon Ascendant

Astrovedic remedies for Health

Wear Opal in platinum on Friday.

Offer green vegetables to old lady on Wednesdays.

Avoid keeping dustbin in East direction.

Astrovedic remedies for Education

Make a big circle on white paper, color it with Amethyst purple shade and daily concentrate on it for 2 minutes.

Use dark green shade pen stand on study table.

Keep your books in South direction.

Astrovedic remedies for Business

Keep Business stuff in North direction.

West entrance is good for you.

Use white metal or white color cash box.

Astrovedic remedies for Job

Wear crystal beeds bracelet on Friday.

Offer black chana to birds.

Keep wish fulfillment Kamdhenu Cow in East direction.

Astrovedic remedies for Marriage

Offer food to old man on Saturdays.

Use sandal wood perfume.

On Tuesdays, offer food to married woman.

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