Career Case – Studies

1. Unstable career. (Need to change job in every 2-3 years)

Ascendant sign is Virgo and its lord is Mercury. Venus, Sun and Mercury together placed in career house in Gemini sign. Mercury is a planet of calculation and communication. Venus gives artistic nature. The nature of work of this person is graphic designing.

Mercury placed in career house force him to change him job in every 2-3 years. Fortunately Venus helps him to again get job easily but always need to change city with new job.

2. Loss of job and gaining of new job in same wealth lord period

There are five kinds of dashas (period) in Vedic astrology. It is known as Vimshottaridashas. In this system the main is Mahadasha of one planet which is further divided by antardasha of nine planets. Antardasha is again divided in nine planets known as Pratyantardasha. Pratyantardasha is again chunked in Suskhmdasha and the last one is Prandasha.

In above chart wealth house (2nd house) lord is Venus, which is placed in career house. This placement is considered as good for career but she lost her job and again joined in the same Venus antardasha.

On 2nd February’2017, she was asked to resign her job without any prior notice. This was sudden event for her. Here that time she was going through Mars Mahadasha, Venus antardasha and Venus pratyantardasha. Venus is the lord of 2nd house which is also known as “markesh”. It gave her sudden separation from earnings and her to stay without job till August’2017.

Her Jupiter Pratyantardasha started from 29th August’2017. Jupiter is retrograde and at 5 degress in Pushyanakshtra. It aspect on career house gave her job on 12th September’2017.

These dashas are courier boys who deliver the gift sent by birth chart. It is essential to keep watch on these dashas to plan things.

Southeast is a direction of fire and toilet here causes Vastu dosh. Vastu dosh in Southeast direction is one of the causes for legal issues.

She was also going through Ketu major period which added flavor to her short temper.

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