Bold, impulsive, aggressive, and courageous with strong will power martial Mars is the governing planet of Coral. In Hindu mythology Mars is the son of Earth, hence also known as kuja or bhumija. Element of Mars is fire, which needs to channelize. Strong fire can burn but balanced fire gives warmth.

Mars is a main significator of property (real estate), weapons, surgery.

A well placed Mars gives power, passion, logical thinking, independency and self- discipline. Affliction on Mars creates anger, conflict, misunderstanding, injury, violence, accidents and litigation.

According to Vedic jyotish Ascendant indicates self. I am writing according to Ascendant sign Coral is benevolent or malevolent.


Mars is the lord of Aries sign. Wearing Coral will increase energy, vitality and physical actions. It is beneficial gem.


Venus is a ruling planet of Taurus sign and Mars is its enemy. Here Mars rules difficult houses. Coral is unfavorable gem.


Mercury is the lord of Gemini sign and Mars is its enemy planet. Mars rules disease and debt house in Gemini sign. Avoid wearing Coral.


Moon is the governing planet of Cancer sign. In Cancer sign Mars rules two auspicious houses – creativity, intelligence and Karma (action or career). Wearing Coral is beneficial.


Sun is lord of Leo sign and Mars is friendly with Sun. Mars’s rules property and luck house. Coral will enrich fortune and fame.


Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo sign. Mars is enemy planet and also rules conflict and obstacles house. Avoid wearing Coral gem.


Venus is the lord of Libra sign. Mars rules family and spouse house, which are known as markesh in Vedic Jyotish. Avoid Coral gem.


Mars rules Scorpio sign. Wearing Coral is beneficial to increase power, passion, and energy and to complete desires.


Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius sign. Mars rules creativity, progeny house and also expenses house. Under observation for limited period Coral can be worn.


Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn sign. Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn sign. Mars rules vehicle, property and profit house. For specific purpose for limited period Coral can be worn.


Saturn is the governing planet of Aquarius sign. Mars rules sibling, courage and Job house. It is an enemy planet of Saturn. For limited period to fulfill specific purpose it can be worn.


Jupiter is the lord of Pisces sign. Mars rules 2nd house (family) and fortune 9th house. Depending on Mars placement to increase fortune it can be worn.

Precaution – 2nd house is also considered as markesh, Coral can be worn under check only.

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