Emotional, sensitive, moody, generous, sympathetic and nurturing Moon is governing planet of Pearl. According to Vedic astrology in Sanskrit Moon is termed as “Chandramamansojaathaa”. Moon indicates conscious feeling, emotions and perception towards self- individuality. When Moon is in combination with malefic planets or get aspect of malefic planets, it becomes afflicted.

Moon is soft and sensitive planet, can be easily get influenced and overcome by other planetary energies like Saturn can give feeling of depression or detachment, Rahu can influence mind and can create psychological issues.

According to vedic astrology Ascendant sign indicates self. I am writing according to Ascendant sign Pearl is benevolent or malevolent for twelve signs.


Aries sign lord Mars and Moon are friendly planet but one is fire element and other is water. Moon rules property, vehicle and domestic happiness house. Only under certain circumstances for limited period Pearl can be worn.


Venus lord of Taurus sign and Moon are enemy planets. According to vedicjyotishbhavatbhavamsiddhant 3rd house is inauspicious for longevity, which is ruled by Moon. Avoid wearing Pearl.


Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini sign keeps enmity with Moon. Moon rules 2nd house (family house) which is also known as maarkesh (inauspicious) house. Wearing Pearl is unfavorable.


Moon is governing planet of Cancer sign and pearl. Wearing Pearl will enrich personality, grace, fame and health.


Sun is the lord of Leo sign. Sun and Moon are friendly planets but Moon rules expenses house so avoid wearing Pearl.


Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo sign. Mercury and Moon are enemy planets. Moon rules 11th house which is fulfillment of desires.


Venus is the lord of Libra sign. Moon and Venus are inimical to each other. Moon rules 10th career house. For certain period, under guidance and observation it can be worn.


Mars rules Scorpio sign. Mars and Moon are friendly planet also Scorpio is a water element sign. Wearing Pearl will increase fortune and luck. Moon rules luck house in Scorpio sign.


Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius sign. Moon rules eight house which is also known as obstacle house. Avoid wearing Pearl.


Saturn is the governing planet of Capricorn sign. Moon and Saturn are enemy planets. Moon rules 7th house (partnership house). Avoid wearing Pearl.


Saturn is the lord of Aquarius sign. Moon rules disease and debt house so wearing Pearl is unfavorable.


Jupiter is the governing planet of Pisces sign. Moon is a favorable planet for Pisces persons. Moon rules intelligence, intuition and entertainment house. Wearing Pearl is beneficial.

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