Devguru “Brihaspati” Jupiter is the governing planet of Yellow sapphire. Jupiter is generous, natural benefic, planet of creativity, progeny, education and divine light. It is a planet of abundance, expansion and fat in body. In female’s chart Jupiter represents husband.

A well placed Jupiter in birth chart bestows education, luck, fortune, grace, favor, inheritance of wealth and good health.

When Jupiter is in affliction, lack of energy, enthusiasm, anxiety and problem in relationship will appear.

According to Vedic jyotish Ascendant indicates self. I am writing according to Ascendant sign, Yellow Sapphire is benevolent or malevolent.


Mars is the lord of Aries sign and Jupiter is its friendly planet. Jupiter rules auspicious trine house of luck and also expenses house. Under observation for specific period it can be worn.


Venus is the lord of Taurus sign and Jupiter is its enemy planet. Jupiter is a malefic planet for Taurus sign. Avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire.


Mercury is the lord of Gemini sign. Here Jupiter rules 7th house of partnership and 10th house of Karma (skill). In Vedic astrology & 7th house is known as Maarkesh (inauspicious) bhava. Avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire.


Moon is the lord of Cancer sign. Jupiter rules auspicious luck house but also debt and disease house. If Jupiter is well placed in birth chart and advised then Yellow Sapphire can be worn to fulfill desired success.


Sun is the governing planet of Leo sign. Jupiter rules creativity, progeny and inheritance house. Yellow Sapphire can be worn for limited period if advised.


Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo sign. Jupiter rules property and partnership house. If Jupiter is not afflicted by malefic planets then for short duration Yellow Sapphire can be worn.


Venus governs Libra sign. Jupiter is lord of two inauspicious houses in Libra sign. Avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire.


Mars is the lord of Scorpio sign. Jupiter rules family and progeny house. Wearing Yellow sapphire will enrich education, intuition, determination of work, truth and speech.


Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius sign. Yellow Sapphire is a beneficial Gem for Sagittarius persons. It will enrich vitality, relations, honor and property.


Saturn is the lord of Capricorn sign. Jupiter is its enemy planet and rules siblings, courage and impediment houses. Yellow Sapphire is unfavorable gem.


Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius sign. Jupiter rules 2nd house of speech which is also known as “Maarkesh” in Vedic Jyotish and 11th house of fulfillment of desires. According to bhavatbhavamsiddhant 11th house is 6th from 6th house of debt. Avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire.


Jupiter is the governing planet of Pisces sign. It rules auspicious trine and Kendra house. Jupiter is benefic planet for Pisces persons. Yellow Sapphire will increase self- esteem, recognition, generosity and true actions in path of career.

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