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Meeting The Talented Astrologer-Upma Shrivastava

One of the divine sciences in this world is Astrology. This time we managed...

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Kundli Says Trump has Shani for Company at White House

CELESTIAL HACKING A reading of Trump's horoscope says US president-elect ...

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The Seven Chakras of The Human Body and Their

Vedic Astrology is based upon the twelve houses and nine planets, which comprises ...

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2017 Saturn Transit in Sagittarius - Know How This

On 26th January’ 2017, Saturn - the planet of judgment and awareness is going ...

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Career analysis through Astrology

Career or Karma indicates the effect of our actions upon the world, the status we are able to ...

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Understand Emotions by Moon

“Chandrama manso jathaa” Moon represents our emotions. Moon is a water element planet, changes its ...

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How to select job or business by birth chart.

How to check job or business, which is suitable according to birth chart ...

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