Remedies - Pisces Ascendant

Astrovedic remedies for Health

Wear Yellow sapphire in gold in ring finger.

Practice Surya namaskar yoga or breathing exercise.

Offer food to old man on Saturday.

Astrovedic remedies for Education

Sit facing North direction.

Drink water kept in copper vessel.

Wear Citrine bracelet.

Astrovedic remedies for Business

Display Sunflower picture in East direction.

Offer food to needy.

Place bronze Kuber statue in North direction.

Astrovedic remedies for Job

Offer sweets to lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

Place green scenery in North direction.

Offer water to Lord Sun.

Astrovedic remedies for Marriage

Offer pomegranate to small girls.

On Sunday offer bread to cow.

Gift foot wear to old man on Saturday.

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