Sample Astrology report

Your ascendant sign is Capricorn and its lord is Saturn. Saturn is not well placed in birth chart it is giving you struggle in life and specially in career. This struggle will remain for lifelong for around 40%. Your moon sign is Leo and its lord is Sun which is also not well placed.

Any event which takes place in life is based on mahadasha and antardasha which is going in particular time. Currently you are going through Rahu mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha from 18 October 2018 till 13th March 2021. It is a neutral period and you will be able to change your job in the period of 12th February 2019 till 1st July 2019. You need to do some remedies to get the job. This job which you will get in February to July will stay for March 2021, then again you will need to change company.

Your ascendant Lord Saturn, moon sign Lord Sun, fortune Lord Mercury and career House Lord Venus all four planets are placed in house of happiness which is not considered auspicious position you need to do following remedy for lifelong.

Take 7 types of grains 500 grams each - wheat, rice, ragi, bajara, jawar, jau, kala chana and makka. Also take one pure ghee lamp. Go to Maa Durga temple with above stuff. Light ghee diya infront of Maa and do prayers ask for forgiveness and blessings. Then take these grains at place where birds come and offer these 3.5 kg grains to birds. This remedy you have to perform on Sunday or Tuesday morning (one day only) till 11 am.

Remedies to get job

1. Take one steel or earthern diya, pour til (sesame) oil or mustard oil in diya, take it in hand and looking at oil pray my all the problems are getting solved or just see your face in it and then place 4 batti (cotton wicks) in plus direction represent ting four directions in one diya and burn it. It should be lighted for 2 hours. You can do this at worship area or in any room or under pepal tree. No need to sit infront of diya for 2 hours. Just do prayers, light diya and then can get busy in work.

2. Remove red or yellow stuff kept in North direction. If there is toilet, keep a bowl filled with 100 grams sea salt. Change salt after every 10days.

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