Remedies - Taurus Ascendant

Astrovedic remedies for Health

Wear Opal in ring finger in silver or white gold.

Distribute food to workers at building site.

While taking meals sit facing East direction.

Astrovedic remedies for Education

Keep sky blue shade lamp on study table.

Eat Cahunuts before sitting for studies or in middle.

Keep green shade pen stand.

Astrovedic remedies for Business

South direction is beneficial for you, you can place certificates or selling stuff here.

Use crystal pyramid as paper weight.

Place a green plant in North direction of business place.

Astrovedic remedies for Job

Wear Amethyst bracelet.

Distribute bananas to Men.

Do gardening.

Astrovedic remedies for Marriage

Offer food to married women on Tuesday.

Decorate room with pink and red stuff. Avoid black and yellow shades.

Wear Opal in ring finger in gold.

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