Astrology is not about knowing the future, it is about knowing the possibilities and the choices that future has in store for you, so that you can write your own destiny.

-- Upma Shrivastava

The Illustrious "Jyotish Shastracharya" and "Jyotish Rishi" awards for excellence in Astrology have been endowed to Upma along with the prestigious "Vaastu Ratna" award for her contribution in the field of Vaastu.

She is a prominent astrologer in Northern India who is known for accurately interpreting the future of many of her clients. Her experience of over 20 years in Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu and Reiki enables her to have impeccable insights into the life of her clients. As a result, she has garnered immense prowess in predicting key events in a person’s life just by analyzing the time at which the client has approached her.

Upma believes that Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu and Reiki are intrinsically intertwined in nature. Her deep knowledge of Astrology is complemented by her expertise in Vaastu, as well as Numerology and enhanced by her para-psychic abilities gained through her Reiki Meditations. As a spiritually gifted soul, she is a natural mystic

An astrologer who firmly embraces the conventional wisdom but is not afraid of the more contemporary and progressive approaches towards astrology, Upma is truly a strong advocate of convergence of astrology and technology.

She has an instinctive knack at simplifying and demystifying astrology for the layperson, that empowers them to understand the celestial science of astrology in a pure rational, logical and scientific manner. As an astrologer who recognizes the fact that people turn to astrology when they are either facing a difficult situation or must make a critical decision in their life, Upma goes to the depths of her remarkable astrological skills to understand the individual, their dreams, desires, shortcomings, potential and their unique individual personality.

Her guidance and remedies have given hundreds of her clients, much needed confidence in dealing with their problems, facing the difficulties of life and taking the right decision. Her unique and unprecedented approach involves embracing the present and preparing for the future, while being tough and taking the tough decisions when they need to be taken.

She believes in Robert H. Schuller's words, "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do".

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