Vedic Jyotish course

Duration of consultation will be 30 minutes plus extra 15 minutes to answer personalize questions

Vedic Jyotish

Duration – 3 months

Course days – Two days as per group choice weekday or weekend and two hours

Course Content

1) Introduction of Jyotish and degrees.

2) Introduction of planets, houses and Nakshtras

3) Characteristic of planets.

4) Lordship of planets.

5) Friendship, enmity and neutral behavior of planets.

6) Exaltation, debilitation and Mooltrikona nature of planets.

7) Retrograde and direct of planets

8) Aspects of planets.

9) Yogas created by planets.

10) How to read houses.

11) How to read planets placed in different houses.

12) Concept of Bhavat bhavam.

13) How to read Manglik dosh.

14) How to analyze Sade Satti, dhayya.

15) How to analyze Vimshottri dasha

16) What is transit of planets?

17) After each class there will be case-studies to understand Subject properly.

18) Determine auspicious time to start new work, joining of job, purchase of vehicle and property.

19) Use of Hora.

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