Remedies - virgo Ascendant

Astrovedic remedies for Health

Wear Emerald in gold in last finger.

Offer food to old persons.

Offer black chana to cows.

Astrovedic remedies for Education

Sit facing North direction.

Drink water from silver glass.

Use Amethyst crystal as paper weight.

Astrovedic remedies for Business

Keep yellow shade flowers in East direction.

Keep Citrine in cash box.

Display rising Sun picture in East direction.

Astrovedic remedies for Job

Keep green scenery in North direction of home.

Daily concentrate on Shri Yantra image for 5 minutes.

Donate copper diya in temple.

Astrovedic remedies for Marriage

On Tuesday offer sweet bread to cow.

Offer turmeric and raw rice to Lord lakshminarayan.

Keep camphor in room for fragrance. (Do not burn it)

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